IPF Fellowship

IPF Fellowship

This is the panel I presented for my Irish Photographic Federation Fellowship distinction in 2016. It took me about 5 years to put this collection together. The statement that went along with the fellowship is below.


The Magic of Birds

Photographing birds in their natural environment is challenging as the photographer does not necessarily have control over the lighting or over the subject. Luck plays a part, but I have learnt that planning, persistence, patience and practice are far more important than luck.

In this panel I set out to capture images of a variety of bird species, where each image contains an element of the bird’s life. From nesting, to resting, to feeding, to fighting, I look to capture more than just a portrait and to fully engage the viewer.

In some images action or activity is the key element. While in other images the key element is more subtle; the light coming through the bird’s wings or the stillness of a beautiful calm day.
By choosing the locations, by planning my visits, by positioning myself to get the viewpoint that I wanted, by trying time and time again, and by making the most of the luck that came my way, I have created this panel of images that achieve my original ambition to capture some of the magic of birds.